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Maximize Your Mobility with Dualtron Scooters-Pallets

Original price was: $3,500.00.Current price is: $2,000.00.
( 10 pieces per pallet) Drive: MAX a two hub motor with a 5,400 watt BLDC. Battery: LG 3500 cells, 60 volts, 35 amp-hours, and 2,060 wh. 20 hours with a standard charger, 10 hours with two standard chargers, and 5.3 hours with a rapid charger are the charging times. maximum range of 75 miles (mileage may vary depending on rider weight and road conditions) 50 mph maximum Depending on the rider's weight and the condition of charge, the grade is either 47% or 25 degrees. 160mm disks and hydraulic brakes with ABS as a minimum 265 lb maximum load Weight of Scooter: 95 lbs. Product Composition: Aluminum alloy 6082-T6 of aviation grade, SCM440 steel for the shaft, and plastic for the covers make up the frame and handle.